Company with the limited liability " Original Studio" is situated in Ukraine, Lugansk city. The company has been operating for 5 years.
      The specialists of our company have the 15 years's experience of development and inculcation of different software. However, our prices are very reasonable.

Registration certificate
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Certificate of activities
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      We specialize in development of websites and Internet applications. Extensive experience using Asp.Net (C#, VB, Silverlight). We develop software for different accounting systems and management at the enterprises and organizations (++, C#, VB, 1C). We provide various services in the field of design. We conduct a detailed technical description of the project and provide technical support of the developed software, after the completion of the project.

The applied system of collective work:
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      Information about our works you can get at the "Portfolio" page, and contacting us personally you will get more detailed information about us.
      Besides the skills in creating software, our specialists have the applied experience of work with big engineering plants of our city that deals with crystal growing for output of semiconductor products; with the diesel locomotive production plant (most of the diesel locomotives that are in use in Ukraine and Russia were produced in that very plant); with the advertising campaign and with the big money management organizations of Luhansk.

      We live and work in the big industrial and scientific and technical center of the East Ukraine within the population more than 500 000 people. There are five Universities and big engineering plants (they produce a wide range of goods: tubing, shooting-iron, diesel locomotives, tramway cars, and other equipment for electronic industry).

      It's easy and pleasant to work with us due to the presence of constant high-speed connection through the Internet in our office and easy-going managers :) .

      Please, contact us for the detailed discussion of your project if you need to receive the creation of high-quality software and our proposition rouse your interest.