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     You can contact us easily with the help of the telephone or e-mail. The language barrier will be overcome with no problem as we have qualified interpreters in the office. You are welcome to call us from 9 am till 5 pm Ukrainian time that is 2 am till 10 am New York time or 11 pm till 7 am in San-Francisco, from 8 am till 4 pm by the Berlin's time accordingly.
      Also you may call at any other time that is convenient for you. All you need is to inform us about your call.
      While the project will be under the status of creation we could be in touch with the customer through the Internet video connection.
      Due to qualified and high speed connection the ready to use software could be sent for the test with no time in spite of its big size (graphic, video).

Company Address:  Zhukova blok, 5B/6, Lugansk, 91000
Tel.:                          +38-096-301-23-16

Director: Serhii Berestetskyi
Technical Director: Dima Dry
Designer: Albert Morozov
ICQ : : 581076936
Skype: AdChange