"Galactica" - is a reliable instrument of administrating and development for the enterprise!


      Galactica - is an informational system that covers all the basic directions of the financial, economic and management activity of the modern enterprise.

      The main principles that are realized in that Galactica system - are:
  • direction to the solving of the management problems in contrast to traditional approach or registration and accumulation of information;
  • comprehensive approach to the automation of the different enterprise services, consistent passing of the documents through the different modules;
  • ossibility of the stage-by-stage introduction, acquisition of the modules, that are important for the work of that day.
The main reason of introduction of the complex systems of the management automation, is the aspiration of the leadership of the enterprises to build a rational scheme of management, to make calculation more accurate and efficient, to raise the effectiveness of the work of all the subdivisions. System "Galactica" meets all theses requirements.
      We offer you all the spectrum of the products of "Galactica" that are intend for the amortization of the management and accounting.

      Galactica - RP-system for the big and middle enterprises. Full-scale complex automatization of the business-processes.
      Galactica corporation offers a finished solution for the complex automatization of the enterprise activity taking account the branch specificity.:
  • Galactica for the enterprises of mechanical and instrument engineering;
  • Galactica for the enterprises of oil and gas complex;
  • Galactica for the enterprises of the chemical industry;
  • Galactica or the enterprises of the food industry;
  • Galactica for the enterprises of trade;
  • Galactica for the enterprises of mining industry and metallurgy;
  • Galactica for the enterprises of connection and telecommunication;
  • Galactica for the enterprises of power engineering;
  • Galactica-Start - for little enterprises. Fast and economical automatization of the basic business-processes;
  • Galactica-ZOOM - depository of the information, data extraction and analytic processing of big files.

  • leading-in of the solution at the "Galactica" platform to the commercial operation;
  • explanation backing;
  • guarantee and postinfluenzal service..