Here we will shortly tell about the technologies, instruments and main schemes of our work .


       Client describes the field of work and functional possibilities of the desirable software. As soon as all details are discussed we conclude a contract.

            The development of the software may be divided into several stages with the stage payment. With the final testing completed the code will be delivered to the orderer in agreed dates. After that the ready to use code is to be checked by the orderers (the criteria of the test mus be mentioned beforehand).

      The discovered mistakes will be improved and will be testing again. If there is no mistakes discovered then the orderer pay for the work.

      After that we start another stage of the work. This way you could easily plan the issue of software product and lay down the exact dates within the calendar year. From this point on we lead the maintenance of the programs we created.


      Our design services include development of the concept, creating syle and graphic design, programming of web-applications, complete operation support of a site. We approach each client individually, in full accord to his requirements and wishes.

      The orderer lays down his requests and preferable design and supplies with the additional materials of his own accord (e.g. the logotype of the company or personal photos etc.).

      We engineer 3 variants of design on basis of your requests and wishes. If you are satisfied with the concept and quality of this very variants then we set up the contract and and advance is to be paid (20% form the total sum).

      From this point on we suggest you another 3 variants of design taking into consideration your further requests. The orderer chooses the best variant and makes correction. On the refinement of some details we engineer the final design on basis of that we create the site.



  • WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT : Examples of Web Applications are Online creation of tourist routes, System of financial investment, Social Networking, Online Reservations and Ticketing, Online Training, Blogs, Content Management Systems, etc..
    • WEB:
      • ASP.NET (C#, VB);
      • Silverlight 3 (C#);
      • Ajax, Javascript ...
    • WINFORM:
      • WPF 4.
      • Oracle;
      • SQL-Server;
      • MySQL.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF NETWORK APPLLICATIONS AND DATABASES: At the core of the network application development is writing programs that run on different end systems and communicate with each other over the network. Database servers that are built to serve network applications are designed to handle set of concurrent connections and complex SQL queries. Example of Enterprise Resource Planning System,
    (WINFORM.NET, WPF 4, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, 1C, Galaktika)

  • Implementation and monitoring of projects is usually conducted through a system of collective work SourceSafe or Subversion. We can also work with Team Foundation Server.
            We will be glad to co-operate with you.

      Do you have any questions? Ask us questions! We will be glad to answer them.