The "Original studio" company is looking for partners for our base of offshore programming.

Serhii Berestetskyi
director of Original Studio

      We are ready to cooperate in the following areas:
  • WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT : Examples of Web Applications are Online creation of tourist routes, System of financial investment, Social Networking, Online Reservations and Ticketing, Online Training, Blogs, Content Management Systems, etc..
    • WEB:
      • ASP.NET (C#, VB);
      • Silverlight 3 (C#);
      • Ajax, Javascript ...
    • WINFORM:
      • WPF 4.
      • Oracle;
      • SQL-Server;
      • MySQL.
  • DEVELOPMENT OF NETWORK APPLLICATIONS AND DATABASES: At the core of the network application development is writing programs that run on different end systems and communicate with each other over the network. Database servers that are built to serve network applications are designed to handle set of concurrent connections and complex SQL queries. Example of Enterprise Resource Planning System,
    (WINFORM.NET, WPF 4, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, 1C, Galaktika)

  • Implementation and monitoring of projects is usually conducted through a system of collective work SourceSafe or Subversion. We can also work with Team Foundation Server.
      We will be glad to co-operate with you.

      Do you have any questions? Ask us questions! We will be glad to answer them.